TALK SPICY: Why did you choose Spicy HairCare?

TALK SPICY: Why did you choose Spicy HairCare?

Whenever I'm speaking to someone about Spicy Haircare and what prompted me to become an entrepreneur - they always ask "why" did I choose haircare, and of course why I chose the name Spicy.

I've always been a fan of switching up my look and doing hairstyles that were different. One day you'd catch me with braids, the next day I'd have a sew-in. With every style I wear, my scalp and edges are super important and where I tend to pay most of my attention. Because of that, I knew I wanted to sell products that promoted a healthy scalp and poppin' edges.


Why did I choose the name Spicy? I love spicy food (lol) and I always encourage spicy attitudes. Sometimes you have to throw in a little spice to shake things up and create change. Whether it's wearing a bold hairstyle, a bold outfit or a bold lip color - make a statement. 

I hope that Spicy can continue making individuals feel beautiful, sexy, bold and everything else that embodies confident. I'm extremely excited for whats to come, and happy with everything thus far. Thank you!


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